Destination Weddings Scotland


Thinking of getting married in Scotland, Ireland or even Iceland? Here’s why Scotland should be the location for your destination wedding!

So you’re thinking about getting married in Scotland. First of all congratulations on your engagement and secondly, here are a few reasons why Scotland should be the location of choice for your destination wedding - not that I’m biased in any way of course!


Scotland’s landscapes make it the most beautiful country in the world

Scotland is a truly spectacular country, and is sure to provide the most breathtaking backdrop to your special day. It consistently ranks highly (if not top) of lists highlighting the world’s most beautiful countries. This Visit Scotland article goes some way to showcasing why Scotland is held in such high regard by those who visit here.

From sweeping country landscapes and bens (Scottish hills) to our serene lochs, the scenery in Scotland alone could sell this beautiful country as your destination of choice.

When it comes to wedding venues, Scotland has it all

As well as eye catching city locations and stunning, scenic countryside backdrops, Scotland is teeming with quirky wedding venues. Whether it be indoor, outdoor, a city wedding, country wedding, a barn wedding, or even something a bit more adventurous like getting married on a boat out on one of our stunning lochs, you’re truly spoiled for choice. And - we’re still one of the only countries in the world where you can get married absolutely anywhere you like!

Castle wedding venues. Yes! You CAN get married in a Scottish castle

You’ve probably wondered what it would be like to get married in one of Scotland’s awe inspiring castles, or if it’s even possible. Well, it is, and you’ll be able to make that fairytale wedding come true. You’ll find an incredible variety of stunning castles wedding venues in Scotland, with the flexibility to suit all sizes of wedding parties. You’ll also have a truly incredible backdrop for your wedding photos!

This Visit Scotland guide to castle weddings will give you food for thought when it comes to deciding whether a castle wedding is right for you, and if so, which castle will potentially host your special day.

Incorporating Scottish culture into your destination wedding - or not!

There’s plenty that will spring to mind when you think of Scottish traditions at weddings. Tartan, kilts, Scottish wedding dresses, bagpipes, thistles, heather, Scotch whisky, traditional Scottish dancing… the list goes on. If you’re thinking of getting married in Scotland, these are all elements you could incorporate into your wedding day - but Scotland also plays host to modern, creative, minimalist and thoroughly non-traditional weddings, and it’s these outside-the-box weddings that I truly specialise in pulling together.

Still not convinced that you should get married in Scotland?

If these reasons still haven’t convinced you to choose Scotland as your wedding destination, here are 22 reasons you definitely SHOULDN’T get married in Scotland.


How can I assist with your destination wedding in Scotland?

Planning a wedding can be a huge undertaking, especially when your wedding destination is far from home. This is where Fin Flükra can be of assistance. Through my knowledge and with an unrivalled book of creative contacts, I can be your “woman on the ground” when it comes to helping you plan your nuptials to perfection.

To arrange a free initial consultation, via Skype or FaceTime if requested, please get in touch. During this meeting we will discuss your plans and I will then put together a proposal covering what services you need.